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I'm trying to modify the MySQL query below in order to limit the result to a range of dates:

SELECT x . * , count( p.`id` ) AS `post_count`

SELECT a.`id` , a.`registerDate`
FROM `users` AS `a`
INNER JOIN `blog_users` AS `b` ON a.`id` = b.`id`
INNER JOIN `user_usergroup_map` AS `d` ON a.`id` = d.`user_id`
INNER JOIN `blog_acl_group` AS `e` ON d.`group_id` = e.`content_id`
AND e.`type` = 'group'
AND e.`status` =1
INNER JOIN `blog_acl` AS `f` ON e.`acl_id` = f.`id`
AND f.`action` = 'add_entry'

UNION (SELECT a1.`id` , a1.`registerDate`
FROM `users` AS `a1`
INNER JOIN `blog_users` AS `b1` ON a1.`id` = b1.`id`
INNER JOIN `blog_acl_group` AS `c1` ON a1.`id` = c1.`content_id`
AND c1.`type` = 'assigned'
AND c1.`status` =1
INNER JOIN `blog_acl` AS `d1` ON c1.`acl_id` = d1.`id`
AND d1.`action` = 'add_entry')) AS x

LEFT JOIN `blog_post` AS p ON x.`id` = p.`created_by`
GROUP BY x.`id`
HAVING (SUM( p.`hits` ) >0)
ORDER BY SUM( p.`hits` ) DESC

The dates I want to use in the query are stored on blog_post.created column. With a simple query I know I can use BETWEEN dates to limit a range of dates, but I can't figure where to include it in this query.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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