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Using a TableLayoutPanel in Windows Forms. I am using RowStyles and ColumnStyles with SizeType as AutoSize and Percent respectively. I need to find out the absolute height and width of a cell in which a particular control is placed.

TableLayoutPanelCellPosition pos = tableLayoutPanel1.GetCellPosition(button1);
int height = (int)tableLayoutPanel1.RowStyles[pos.Row].Height;
int width = (int)tableLayoutPanel1.ColumnStyles[pos.Column].Width;

Above, I am getting height as 0. RowStyle is with SizeType as AutoSize. Similarly, I am getting as 33.33. ColumnStyle is set with SizeType as Percent and Size = 33.33.

I need to get absolute size in pixels for the cell.

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For some odd reason, Microsoft decided to hide those functions from intellisense.

This should work as written:

  TableLayoutPanelCellPosition pos = tableLayoutPanel1.GetCellPosition(button1);
  int width = tableLayoutPanel1.GetColumnWidths()[pos.Column];
  int height = tableLayoutPanel1.GetRowHeights()[pos.Row];
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I didn't know it was possible to hide a function from intellisense, thanks! – farukdgn Jan 5 at 12:39
@farukdgn See BrowsableAttribute Class – LarsTech Jan 5 at 15:33
What is the point of hiding a function from there? – farukdgn Jan 5 at 16:18
Usually because you inherited a control and made one of the base properties useless. For example, the Font property on a PictureBox is hidden, mostly because it isn't a useful property for what the PictureBox control is trying to accomplish. – LarsTech Jan 5 at 16:22

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