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I have a page which I need to send two variables, 'my_book_id' and 'library_book_id'.

On that page I would code something that uses the variables.

I know that since WordPress pages are not exactly HTML pages or PHP files, I can't send variables via the URL and then get them for use on the page with $_GET['my_book_id'].

I want to implement something like this. How would I do it?

I am using permalinks and I have %postname% on the definitions.

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Does the answer to this question help you? stackoverflow.com/questions/4586835/… –  Tim Joyce Dec 5 '12 at 14:54

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you can simply use:

<?php echo get_permalink( $page_id ) . '?my_book_id=' . 1 . '&library_book_id=' . 12; ?>

On the place where the link is build

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Thanks for all the answers, but i found this plugin : phpbase.in/free-scripts/qstring-wordpress-plugin and this exactly what i want ....thanks very much for your help! –  Nuno Gouveia Dec 5 '12 at 15:20

Actually you can just use


You can either get the variable by coding in your page/post template or,

(much better) by creating a plugin

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