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In an application I work on, we use Lucene Analyzer, especially it's Hunspell part. The problem I face is: I need to generate all word forms of a word, using a set of affix rules.

E.g. having the word 'educate' and affix rules ABC, generate all forms of word 'educate.' - educates, educated, educative, etc.

What I'd like to know is: is it possible to do this using Lucene's Hunspell implementation (we use a Hunspell dictionary (.dic) and affix file (.aff), so it has to be a Hunspell API)? Lucene's Hunspell API isn't that big, I went through it, and didn't find something suitable.

Nearest I could find on SO was this, but there are no answers related to hunspell.

Update 1 I'm not working on the project where I faced the above anymore, but if there still is a solution to do this using Lucene's Analyzer, I'd be glad that the community will see the answer.

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Hunspell comes with the unmunch command, which will create all word forms. You can call it like this:

 unmunch en_GB.dic en_GB.aff

Thus you might look in the hunspell source how this is implemented and whether it can be called from outside. The command was a bit buggy last time I checked when used on dictionaries with compounds - in those cases you cannot create all wordforms anyway, as there is an infinite number of them.

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Thanks a lot the answer Daniel! I'm aware of unmunch. Calling it isn't an option for the use case where I want to add a new word, and I want to have a preview of all of its forms. I did try looking up in the source how it's implemented, but then I thought: if it's already implemented in Lucene, then I won't have to produce a new buggy port, and it will be consistent with other parts of Lucene. – Haris Osmanagić Dec 6 '12 at 10:21

I think what you're looking for is Hunspell's wordforms command:

Usage: wordforms [-s | -p] dictionary.aff dictionary.dic word
-s: print only suffixed forms
-p: print only prefixed forms


$ wordforms en_US.aff en_US.dic educate

Read more in the documentation.

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do you happen to know if this is callable from Lucene? – Haris Osmanagić Mar 11 '15 at 7:49

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