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When will the Android Youtube Player API be available to developers. Is there any jar file available on Google Site or when shall it be released publicly as API.

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Ever since IO their has been no talk about it at all, kind of like Android@Home the year before. –  HandlerExploit Dec 5 '12 at 15:00

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Till now it is not released, me too waiting for Youtubeplayer API...

This is the alternative solution for android player - http://blog.denivip.ru/index.php/2011/09/developing-video-player-for-android/?lang=en

If any other than this.. let me know

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Take a look at YouTubePlayerAPI Schedule for Distribution?.

At that time (Sept 18), they hoped to release 'soon'. Since then no updates. I have been watching http://apiblog.youtube.com/ hoping to see something mentioned there.

I'm hoping that we will at least see this available by the next I/O conference in May!

I'm not sure Kumar's link will help, unless it's videoView can handle mp4 that the higher resolution youtube api links provide.

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