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Why HashValue function of TIdHMACSHA256+ (Indy/delphi) always return empty? For example, the code below does not work.

  Hash: TIdHMACSHA256 ;
  HashValue: TBytes;
  Hash := TIdHMACSHA256 .Create;
    Hash.Key := TEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes('devaee2');
    HashValue := Hash.HashValue(TFile.ReadAllBytes('menu.xml'));
    // HashValue is an empty array, why?
    Tag := Length(HashValue);
    TFile.WriteAllBytes('menu.xml.hash', HashValue);

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Quickly looking at Indy 10 sources, they don't have coded SHA256-512r hashes, and use some kind of system hashes (??). Please check TIdHashSHA256.IsAvailable - most likely it will return false.

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The problem is that you have not successfully loaded the OpenSLL libraries that are needed to implement the hash. Call IdSSLOpenSSL.LoadOpenSSLLibrary. You'll also need to make sure that your program can find suitable OpenSLL DLLs.

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Look for component TDCP (try The source is complete. Works fine on Rad Studio 2007 ... XE5 Native from Delphi, you have SHA1 but no SHA2 and others ( I think because law, or I don't know...)

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