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I am trying to insert values from $_POST into a MySQL table, and if I input numbers into the form, it works fine. However, whenever I type text, I get a message like "unknown column 'exampleinput' in 'field list'". I am a pretty amateur coder, so I may be missing something basic. Mysql fields are already set to VARCHAR. My code looks like this:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO users2
            (username, primaryemail, password) VALUES($username, $newEmail, $newPassword)")
            or die(mysql_error());
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You need to add quotes around your input if you want to insert text into your table:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO users2 (username, primaryemail, password)
            VALUES('$username', '$newEmail', '$newPassword')");

You should also consider using mysqli to perform your queries on your database as mysql_*() functions are now deprecated.

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You could also use PDO Tutorial –  david strachan Dec 5 '12 at 19:57

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