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I have a dialog which is closed with the following button:

value="#{i18n['button.cancel']}" ajax="true"/>

There is no action, only client side javascript that simply hides the dialog. However, I've seen in the logs, that the form is validated on cancel. I've set the ajax="true" to prevent form validation, but it not helped anyway.

What is the right way to close the dialog in PrimeFaces without validating the form?

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ajax="true" is the default behaviour of p:commandButton!

The right way would be to exclude the inputs of beeing processed. With the attribut process="@this" in the commandButton, only the button should be processed.

But if you dont want to fire some action and do not want to submit the form, maybe you better use a push-button (instead of a submit-button) by adding the attribute type="button" to your commandButton.

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You can use attribute immediate="true" to avoid validation.

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