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I would like to ensure that latest version of js & css are in client browser cache. I have followed this link (

The problem I am not getting new hash-code on every build. I even try to clean and rebuild it does have the same hash-code.

I would appreciate if someone could advise how can I handle the browser cache.


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what version of are you using? – archil Dec 5 '12 at 15:45
Thanks for your reply. I'm using MVC 3 on .Net Framework 4.0. – user1754675 Dec 5 '12 at 19:25

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I would suggest using bundling and minification of scripts and stylesheets. It is a new feature introduced together with MVC 4, but it seems, that someone was able to make it work with even MVC3 - ASP.NET MVC4 bundling in ASP.NET MVC3

ASP.NET Optimization uses similar approach as your solution - it appends a hash to the URL of script/style, but this hash is based on the content of the js/css file, not on an instance of the application assembly.

note: the blogpost by Jef Claes uses Microsoft.Web.Optimization package, that was replaced by Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization, but I believe, it will work even with the Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization package.

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