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I'm an administrator of a facebook app called Qubit. We use the facebook login button (the fb:login-button ), and since 22/11 aprox. we are having an strange behavior. When a user clicks the button, the facebook popups opens, but it gives a generic error saying "try again later", without a code or something to know what is wrong. What I need is to know what's wrong, or if exists some kind of debugging tool to see the error code, or what's wrong in my application so I can fix it. The url of the popup is:!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Adding show_error=1 to the URL parameters shows,

API Error Code: 1
API Error Description: An unknown error occurred
Error Message: kError 1349040: Invalid Application ID: The provided Application
                               ID is invalid.

(Assuming that the application ID in the URL you’ve given is the actual one.)

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