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I have 2 tables (Customers and Appointments)

Customers contains a list of customer details with primary key cust_id

Appointments contains details of appointments, with fields: appt_date, start_time and customer (foreign key cust_id from table1)

I want to write a trigger which prevents you deleting a record from Customers if it is the only record in Appointments with that particular appt_date and start_time (a particular appt_date and start_time can have more than one customer).

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Triggers? Don't you need another clause in you query that preventes the row from being deleted if you have such case? – Leandro Barreto Dec 5 '12 at 15:45

You can use ActiveRecord's callbacks to prevent.

Check this page

In your case, you should use before_destroy, and raise some validation exception.

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