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I have three tables:


  • Id
  • ProductId
  • PermissionName


  • Id
  • ProductPermissionId
  • Granted
  • SubscriptionId


  • Id
  • ProductId
  • SubscriptionName

The point is that given an specify SubscriptionId i need to display for every ProductPermission. I mean, imagine a Product has 30 permission types and a Subscription for that product has 20 permissions assigned then, what I want is to display the 30 permissions, the column granted can be 0, 1 or NULL.

This is the info that I need:

| SubscriptionId | ProductPermissionId | Granted |

Could you help me, please?

PS: if you can improve the title, please do it. I really don´t know how to ask this.

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The title seems good enough - with one caveat. Tags [SQL] shouldn't be placed in titles. –  mikeTheLiar Dec 5 '12 at 15:11

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You need a driver table of all combos to join back to the data that you have:

select allcombos.subscriptionId, allcombos.ProductPermissionId,
from (select SubscriptionId, ProductPermissionId
      from subscription s cross join ProductPermission pp
     ) allcombos left outer join
     SubscriptoinPermission sp
     on sp.subscriptionId = allcombos.subscriptionId and
        sp.ProductionPermissionId = allcombos.ProductPermissionId

You can add a where clause to specify the subscriptionid, but you need to prefix it with allcombos:

where allcombos.SubscriptionId = <whatever>

If you only want it for the subscriptions product, then change the allcombos subquery:

select allcombos.subscriptionId, allcombos.ProductPermissionId,
from (select distinct SubscriptionId, pp2.ProductPermission
      from subscriptionProduct sp join
           ProductPermission pp
           on sp.ProductPermissionId = pp.ProductPermissionId left outer join
           ProductionPermission pp2
           on pp.ProductId = pp2.ProductId
     ) allcombos left outer join
     SubscriptionPermission sp
     on sp.subscriptionId = allcombos.subscriptionId and
        sp.ProductionPermissionId = allcombos.ProductPermissionId

That may not be the cleanest change to get all the permissions on the products in a subscription. It would be nice if you had a SubscriptionProduct table. But, something like that should work.

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It looks promising however it returns permissions for all the products and not just those for the subscription's product. –  lontivero Dec 5 '12 at 15:40
I got it! The problem is the schema is not exactly as I described it (for the usual silly corporate policy) but it is done. I appreciate your help Gordon. –  lontivero Dec 5 '12 at 15:49

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