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I'm currently evaluating WebAPI and NancyFx for a new project about to start. I've managed to get Nancy to self host from a test assembly (by itself it uses asp.net hosting).

Is there any way to do the same with Web API? I would like to keep the web api project hosted on IIS, but i would like to spin it up from my test assembly, so i can run tests against it.

I have found some blogposts on how to use Autofac to scan controllers from another assembly (seems a little backwards only to get hosting from another assembly to work, but if it can be done, i guess that would be an option), but i would like to keep using Structuremap ioc for this project.

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Does this question cover what you want? stackoverflow.com/questions/11676828/… specifically the strathweb link (integration testing with in memory hosting) –  Mark Jones Dec 5 '12 at 21:00
Would you tell me how you got to get nancy to self host your test assembly please? I'm trying exactly the opposite. I have a self hosted project and I'm trying to get another project (ASP.NET hosted) to host it. –  htellez Jul 14 '14 at 9:38

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Managed to get it working with help from Mark Jones link. This is what i ended up with in my test assembly.

    private static HttpSelfHostServer _server;

    public static void Setup()
        var config = new HttpSelfHostConfiguration(Settings.TestUri);
        WebApiConfig.Register(config); //map routes
        IocConfig.Bootstrap(config); //configure dependency injection
        _server = new HttpSelfHostServer(config);

    public static void TearDown()
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