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IOS 6.0.1 on multiple devices, There is a state where the alert box is actually behind the screen / current window. We see the alert box appear and then "go away". TextField focus does not work until the app is backgrounded / foregrounded and then the alert box (modal) appears and is OKed. Then TextField focus works fine, etc.

I thought that this was impossible to do with IOS? I will be working on a work around, but just wanted to ask this question.

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could you show the code that brings up the alert box? – Michael Dautermann Dec 5 '12 at 15:32
Well, it is pretty involved. I am going to try a few things tonight and get back. – ort11 Dec 5 '12 at 22:54
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This had to do with an email screen and the result of the email. I was doing an alert on the main thread, but if the timing was correct, the alert would come up and then the main view controller would go over it. I have seen this before, but the alert box would come back on top. Here it did not. If I would put the app to the background and then foreground it, the alert would be on top.

I changed the timing a bit, delaying the alert box a bit more, and then it would come up on top.


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