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We start to integrate yammer metrics in our applications. And i would like to visualize the metrics.

Yammer-metrics have collect process, which could send metrics to Ganglia, or Graphite. But there are a little bit huge to install on my computer.

Do you know some simple reporting tool, with ram storage for example for this usage ?

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There is a javascript library that graphs the output of the MetricsServlet: https://github.com/benbertola/metrics-watcher

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That's exactly what i'm searching for, i'm not afraid to say that i love you :) –  Antoine Dec 14 '12 at 9:09
Is there any tool which supports Metrics v3? –  Guigoz Mar 20 at 13:04

I was looking at the Metrics project (i assume is this: http://metrics.codahale.com/) and found that is able to export the metrics to a CSV file, which can be used with many reporting tools including this one: DBxtra, the reason i recommend this one is because is very ad-hoc and you can design and view a report in less than 10 minutes, mostly by doing drag and drop.

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