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I have a search/filter field that I would like to be able to filter on any value of the collection. The data I have is as follows:

 exports.administrators = [
  id: 1,
  firstName: "User1",
  lastName: "Tester",
  phone: "781-000-0000",
  email: "user1.tester@email.com",
  privileges: "view-only"
}, {
  id: 2,
  firstName: "Mickey",
  lastName: "Mouse",
  phone: "781-123-4567",
  email: "mickey.mouse@disney.com",
  privileges: "all"
}, {
  id: 3,
  firstName: "Snow",
  lastName: "White",
  phone: "781-890-1234",
  email: "snow.white@disney.com",
  privileges: "all"
}, {
  id: 4,
  firstName: "Anakin",
  lastName: "Skywalker",
  phone: "888-874-9084",
  email: "anakin.skywalker@deathstar.com",
  privileges: "view-only"
}, {
  id: 5,
  firstName: "Obi-one",
  lastName: "Kenobi",
  phone: "908-765-5432",
  email: "obi.kenobi@jedi.com",
  privileges: "all"
}, {
  id: 6,
  firstName: "Master",
  lastName: "Yoda",
  phone: "876-654-2134",
  email: "yoda@jedi.com",
  privileges: "view-only"
}, {
  id: 7,
  firstName: "Han",
  lastName: "Solo",
  phone: "781-456-3209",
  email: "han.solo@gmail.com",
  privileges: "all"
}, {
  id: 8,
  firstName: "Neo",
  lastName: "TheOne",
  phone: "781-000-0000",
  email: "neo@matrix.com",
  privileges: "all"

The View will fire an event based on the keyup event:

AdministratorView.prototype.events = {
  'click .sub-content th.sort, .sub-content th.sort-up, .sub-content th.sort-down': 'sortTable',
  'click .light-btn': 'showAdd',
  'keyup #filter-find': 'filterAdministrators'

I have also abstracted the function that I want to perform the filtering:

  App.Utils.filterCollection = function(collection, filterValue) {
if (filterValue !== "") {
  return _.filter(collection.models, function(data) {
    var values;
    values = _.values(data.attributes);
    _.each(values, function(value) {
      if (!isNaN(value)) {
        value = value.toString();
      return value.indexOf(filterValue) > 0;


The problem I have is:

  1. The filterCollection function is returning undefined
  2. Is there a more elegant way of doing this?

Thanks for all the help in advance.



Updated function:

I have updated the function with some input from @dbaseman

  App.Utils.filterCollection = function(collection, filterValue) {
var filteredCollection;
if (filterValue === "") {
return filteredCollection = collection.filter(function(data) {
  return _.some(_.values(data.toJSON()), function(value) {
    value = !isNaN(value) ? value.toString() : value;
    return value.indexOf(filterValue) >= 0;


However I am still getting an empty (or undefined) value from the function. I am stomped!!

Update #2 Found a partial solution. Here is the jsFiddle - http://jsfiddle.net/kianoshp/YWSSp/. It filters correctly, however when I blank out the filter field I expect the original data set to be displayed. However now I get a blank table. Working on solution but any help/hint would be helpful.

Update #3 Final solution is here in the jsFiddle --> http://jsfiddle.net/kianoshp/YWSSp/77/ thanks to @dbaseman

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These three pieces of code aren't connected and you don't explain how you connect them. Do you create a collection from the data you shown? What collection? Is the events property related to a view that renders that collection? What's up with App.Utils? Please give more details about how this code is tied together so we might get better idea what is not working properly. – gryzzly Dec 5 '12 at 15:55
What should App.Utils.filterCollection do? Maybe you could add an example of some expected output. – rdiazv Dec 5 '12 at 16:07
@gryzzly I did not want to fill the screen with all the code. The data is fetched in a collection which is consumed in a view (AdministratorsView). The App.Utils.filterCollection is a global function which I will be able to pass any collection and filter value and be able to return a filtered collection that matches any value in the given collection. I hope that makes sense. – Kianosh Dec 5 '12 at 16:46
@rdiazv the purpose of the App.Utils.filterCollection is that I would like to be able pass any value and the collection will be filtered based on that value. For example, if I pass 'Mouse' to the above data, the collection returned will return a collection containing only 'Mickey Mouse'. Also if I pass in 'jedi.com', the collection will be filtered and I will get all the users with en email of 'jedi.com'. I hope that makes sense. – Kianosh Dec 5 '12 at 16:50
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I've taken the answer McGarnagle provided and added some improvements. The below code allows you to search inside Models that have properties consisting of objects.

Backbone.Collection.prototype.filterValues = function(filterValue) {
if (filterValue === ""){
    return this.models;

function collectionFilter(data) {
        data = data.toJSON();

    return _.some(_.values(data), function(value) {
            return collectionFilter(value);

        if (_.isNumber(value)){
            value = value.toString();

        if (_.isString(value)){
            value = value.toLowerCase();

            return value.indexOf(filterValue) !== -1;

        return false;

return this.filter(collectionFilter);
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I don't think there's a more elegant way, except for minor improvements:

  1. Backbone collections proxy to Underscore.JS methods, so you can use collection.filter
  2. Yould also use _.some to check if any value matches

As far as problems, there are two as far as I could tell:

  1. You're calling _.values on a Backbone model (that's what filter returns when called on a Backbone collection). You have to call filter on the JSON representation, using model.toJSON().
  2. You're checking if the value is a number, but then calling indexOf on the value. I think you meant to check if it's a string (`typeof value == 'string').

Here's the modified function (Demo).

Backbone.Collection.prototype.filterValues = function(filterValue) {
    if (filterValue == "") return [];
    return this.filter(function(data) {
        return _.some(_.values(data.toJSON()), function(value) {
           if (_.isNumber(value)) value = value.toString();
           if (_.isString(value)) return value.indexOf(filterValue) != -1;
           return false;
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thanks for the answer. One small issue, I am not sure if _.some will work because I do not want the iterator to stop traversing if any value is true. I think _.contains might work better. In regards to the checking a value is a number, I am doing that so that if it is a number; I will convert it to a string and then evaluate it. Cheers. – Kianosh Dec 5 '12 at 17:02
@Kianosh ah right, I missed the part about converting the number to a string. Why would you want to stop traversing? If an attribute value matches -- then that model should always return true to the filter iterator ... right? – McGarnagle Dec 5 '12 at 17:34
you are right; I do want to use _.some. I have updated the function above. I checked the function and the it is returning true when it should; however the return value is always empty or undefined. Any ideas why? – Kianosh Dec 5 '12 at 17:47
@Kianosh I'm not sure -- I plugged your updated function in to the Fiddle and it seems to be working. Which browser are you on? – McGarnagle Dec 5 '12 at 17:56
IMP! Just leaving a note for the people that might just scroll down. Final answer is in question's jsfiddle link – Xerri Jun 4 '13 at 15:52

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