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I'm trying to serve the media and static files of my django app with a static service on dotcloud (

I created a static service where I put my static files. In my django settings, I have:

    STATIC_URL = ''

It works perfectly.

Concerning my media files, I put a folder media in my static service, and I have:

    MEDIA_ROOT = ''
    MEDIA_URL = ''

MEDIA_URL works find: my django app get the media from the static service.

But the problem happens with MEDIA_ROOT. It looks like the app is not uploading the files to my static app. When I upload profile picture for my users, it does not upload it to mystaticapp/media/profilepic, as it should.

Any idea on how I could solve that problem? Thank you.

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The important thing to remember is that the static service and your django service on dotCloud are separate services, that have no common file system. So if you upload a file to your django service, it won't be available to your static service.

For this use case I would recommend uploading your files to S3, and serving those files from there.

I would recommend Django-storages for this. Here is some documentation:

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Ok, I'll do that. Thank you (again) for your help. – Marcolac Dec 5 '12 at 17:14

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