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I have a windows form in VB 2010 express. I am doing a drag-drop from outlook 2003 to the form. Dragging messages works OK. I see a "Text" dataformat in the eventArgs which indicates a message object. Then in order to avoid difficult memory function with the event arg, I just start an Outlook.Application, get the selection from activeExplorer then use Redemption to do what I need to do (save each message as .msg file to the network). BUT now I want to be able to drag-drop an entire outlook folder in the same way. Trouble is, the selection does not reflect the folder I am dragging - it shows the last selected folder or message (beginning a drag-drop in outlook does not change the selection to the folder you are dragging). And the eventArgs seems to transmit only the currently selected message (again, not related tot he folder I am dragging). So how can my form find out which folder I am trying to drag? Thanks, Phil

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