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Am working on a pyqt app, done the ui via qt-designer 4.8.1, and generated the corresponding py file using pykdeuic4 (available on OpenSuse 12.2), but can't find an equivalent for pyrcc4 to hadle the *.qrc files.

what's the equivalent tool/command?


Most of the documentation on using QtDesigner with PyQt, indicates using pyuic4 / pyuic (which on my platform is pykdeuic4), but as for the other tool pyrcc4 / pyrcc, I can't find an equivalent.

Am wondering, where can I even get the original tool from (pyrcc4)?

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Well, turns out all I needed was to install the extra package python-qt4-utils ontop of the existing python-qt4. Now, I have the sought after utilities in place.

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There is no PyKDE-specific tool that corresponds with pyrrc4. The KDE python bindings are built on top of PyQt, so you can just use pyrrc4 itself.

PyKDE only needs a specialized tool (pykdeuic4) for compiling ui files, because obviously KDE has lots of widgets that PyQt doesn't know about.

For OpenSuse, I believe the package that contains pyrrc is python-qt4-utils.

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