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I've been hanging around with Symfony 2 for a while, and I have a question on making a custom complex security system.

I need to make a seciruty system that is based on Module and Action basis, rather then USER_ROLE. I will have many modules in the project, and any user should be able to be granted rights for, let's say, read and/or write permissions for any module.

The current S2 Security system does not make any sence in this scenario and I found no similar issue anywhere on the internet.

Thank you in advance, Boyan.

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I think you should try using Access Control Lists (ACLs) to make access decisions on your resources.

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For the separate resources, that's right. I can make a very flexible multi-tier access controll system, but what happens for general restriction to a given module? In a CMS with pages for Articles and Statistics(without any Model object inside), how can I restrict access to different zones in general? For any non-object sections where neither class nor object exists, what can I use? And how a SU can enter and add a given user any rights to a resource or general section at all. 10x –  Djumaka Dec 6 '12 at 14:42

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