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Similarly to this SO question - I want less logs in my tests outputs. Difference - I'm not using slf4j, I'm still on log4j.

  • there are loud libraries I want silenced without filtering each in log properties
  • there are DEBUG and INFO level logs I don't care in tests, (unless I do - rare).
  • this I want to work both in IDE and Maven, including running tests from IDE, and via Maven

First, like in the linked question, I can do this "per test": @Before, increase log level, @After, decrease it to normal.

That is per test, sooner or later someone will forget it.

I can set up Surefire properties, but that works for Surefire. Also, I use FailSafe for integration tests, so am wondering if I would have to set this up separately?

The other possibility is to filter out loud libraries. I did that for some, but that means each time I'll have to filter another one again.

Finally, I can set up log4j per directories, which means for each project, for test dir, different log config.

Is there something better?

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Turns out Maven 2 and 3 have logging level hard-coded (in the source). So, filtering and log4j per dir is the way to go.

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