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What is the efficient way of getting all items for a given set of hashkeys from a single table? Table has both hashkey and rangekey.

To retrieve a single item I am using

items = tbl.items.query(
                    :hash_value => "HashKey1",
                    :select => :all) {|i| i.attributes}

One way to retrieve all item is to loop through keys which is a terrible solution

hashkeys = %w(abcd efgh xyz)
hashkeys.each do |key|
     items[dn] = tbl.items.query(
                    :hash_value => key,
                    :select => :all) {|i| i.attributes}

I am using ruby client for Amazon DynamoDB.

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I did not use ruby client but in comparison with php client you could use an array as hashkey value like:

hashkeys = %w(abcd efgh xyz)
items = tbl.items.query(
    :hash_value => hashkeys,
    :select => :all) {|i| i.attributes}
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