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I have a form data like this

var formData = new FormData($(this)[0]); 

(inside a on submit fonction)

I would like to get the value of a parameter inside this formData. For example in a sign up form,


It's undefined.

Thanks !

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FormData is a 'one way' object to prepare a request. You can only append data. If you want to get data from a specific field in the form, you will need to use val() like this:

$('input[name="your-field-name"]', this).val(); // where this is the context (your form)
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Thanks, I already thought about this, just wanted to know if it was possible with formData. I'll continue this way. –  Klaitos Dec 5 '12 at 16:55

The correct method to get FormData from a form element would be

var formData = this.getFormData();
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