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How can I split a variable on upper case letters and number my variable looks like this

$Var = "HvacSystem8000Series";

Needed result is:

$Var = "Hvac System 8000 Series";


$Var =~ s/^[A-Z]/ /igs;
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Explanation in the comments:

$Var = "HvacSystem8000Series";
$Var =~ s/(?<=[[:lower:]])   # Low case before,
          (?=[[:upper:]0-9]) # upper case or digit after;
          |                  # OR
          (?<=[0-9])         # digit before,
          (?=[[:upper:]])    # upper case after?
          /\ /xg;            # Replace with a space.
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Thanks choroba! –  Bill Dec 5 '12 at 16:40

It is simplest to collect a list of what you consider to be words and join them back together with a space separator.

use strict;
use warnings;

my $var = "HvacSystem8000Series";
$var = join ' ', $var =~ /[A-Z]+[a-z]*|\d+/g;

print $var


Hvac System 8000 Series
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