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When I create a new enterprise application project in Netbeans 7.2.1, the IDE shouts out a recommendation: "Source Level 6 should be used in Java EE 6 projects".

Have a look at this screenshot:

Screenshot of Netbeans IDE 7.2.1

Why is this practice recommended? Any reason not to follow the advice?

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If you want to produce portable applications, Java SE 6 is the base on which Java EE 6 is defined.

From JSR 316: JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) Specification:

EE.2.4.1Container Requirements

This specification requires that containers provide a Java Compatible™ runtime environment, as defined by the Java Platform, Standard Edition, v6 specification (Java SE).

However, if you have a vendor-specific target Java EE 6 platform built on a newer version of Java you should often use its JDK as the target.

There's a trade-off between portability and being able to take advantage of container-specific features in enterprise development. NetBean's conservative recommendation is the correct option for those who don't know enough to make their own decision.

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