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Hey everyone I'm newbie and would love to get some help with saving locale translation to database.

I have this form

= form_for @restaurant do |f|
  = f.fields_for :en_info do |restaurant_en|
    %h4 English Information
    = restaurant_en.label :title
    = restaurant_en.text_field :title
    = restaurant_en.label :description
    = restaurant_en.text_area :description
  = f.fields_for :ar_info do |restaurant_ar|
    %h4 Arabic Information
    = restaurant_ar.label :title
    = restaurant_ar.text_field :title
    = restaurant_ar.label :description
    = restaurant_ar.text_area :description
    = f.submit

And before adding the Arabic form fields there I was able to save the model to the database using this create method in my controller

 def create
    @restaurant = Restaurant.create params[:restaurant][:en_info]

But how can I save the Arabic translation from the form to database?

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Check this answer stackoverflow.com/questions/12142347/… which is related to your question and probably you can use the same approach to solve your problem. –  Paulo Fidalgo May 7 '13 at 13:24

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Try using globalize3_helpers gem.

= form_for @restaurant do |f|

  - f.globalize_fields_for_locale :en do |l|
    = l.input :title
    = l.input :description, as: :text

  - f.globalize_fields_for_locale :ar do |l|
    = l.input :title
    = l.input :description, as: :text
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