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Currently on my order page I have "Order Status: Pending". If the order status needs changed, I wanted to double click the text and a drop down appear.

So, I was going to hide the drop down and on double click show the drop down and hide the text.

My problem is, I wanted it to GO BACK to text if a user DOES NOT select a new item from the drop down... so I figured you would have to double click and hover the element for it to work.

I did this just for testing:

    $(".offerStatus").bind('click', function() {
    }, function(){

It works, but it only shows once you click and hover AWAY from the element and then hover back. So, if I click .offerStatus and since I am hovering it, I should see "YES" but I do not. Then when I move my cursor from the element I should see it go to "NO" which works properly. The only thing I am trying to figure out is getting the element to go back once a user clicks away or something of the sort.


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Please make a jsfiddle –  Sidharth Mudgal Dec 5 '12 at 17:52

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May you can use keep hover status in element

    $(".offerStatus").data('isHover', true);
}, function(){
    $(".offerStatus").data('isHover', false);

$(".offerStatus").click(function() {
    var status = 'NO';
    if($(this).data('isHover')) {
        status = 'YES';
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