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The answer to this maybe really simple so go easy on me, I've only just started Jquery in the past month.

Put together a each loop to go through images in a slider, href'ing them to the key. Code looks something like this:

var images = [{key:'1', img:'photo1.jpg'},{key:'2', img:'photo2.jpg'},{key:'3', img:'photo3.jpg'},{key:'4', img:'photo4.jpg'}];

var buttons = $("<~ul id='index_buttons' />"); $.each(images, function(imgIndex, imgData) { $(buttons).append($("<~li><~a href='" + imgData.img + "'>" + imgData.key + "<~/a><~/li>"));

Problem is I want to place a menu on top of the slider that it generates. This can be done by changing all the images to styled "background-image:". So I tried:

$(buttons).append($("<~li><~a style=\"background-image:" + imgData.img + "\"href='" + imgData.key + "'>""<~/a><~/li>"));

With little success.

As well as this, the buttons rely on the key for there to be a link. The key I've replaced for images, but how do you hide/ remove the key without breaking the link?

Thanks :)

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