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Note: I'm using version 3.0.2.b of the Facebook Android SDK. I don't want to use any deprecated classes/methods.

Is there a standardized way to prompt the user for text to enter in a wall post--such as when sharing a photo?

FBDialog is deprecated. I don't see anything else obvious in the Android SDK Reference that would have such a UI. Even the tutorial to publish a wall post assumes you already have the string you want to publish.

It's just odd that they provide the full sign-in dialog, but would leave it to the developers to create the UI for likes, sharing, wall posts, etc.

So again, my question is--do I need to create my own UI to prompt the user to enter the message they want published to their wall, or is there something in the SDK to standardize that?

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You should make a DialogListener and use it properly when accessing the facebook.dialog() method.

See this article for more help: http://www.androidhive.info/2012/03/android-facebook-connect-tutorial/

public void postToWall() {
// post on user's wall.
facebook.dialog(this, "feed", new DialogListener() {

    public void onFacebookError(FacebookError e) {

    public void onError(DialogError e) {

    public void onComplete(Bundle values) {

    public void onCancel() {


Or you can create your own function that creates a dialog with a TextView inside where the user inserts it's own message and then pass this message to the Facebook object inside the Bundle with the parameters! <- This is a WorkAround if you dont want to use the deprecated Listener!

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Unfortunately, that's deprecated--as I stated in my question, the challenge is to find a new solution that isn't deprecated. – Chad Schultz Dec 5 '12 at 19:53
Then i guess the next solution is to create a custom Dialog, call it with a function of your own and make it return a String variable. – Pavlos Dec 5 '12 at 19:57
I was afraid of that... that there is no recommended built-in UI, and developers have the choice of using the deprecated Facebook dialogs or creating their own. If you change your answer to that, I'll accept it. – Chad Schultz Dec 5 '12 at 20:01
Changing my answer to what? – Pavlos Dec 5 '12 at 20:03
To note that the developer can either create their own UI, or use the deprecated API that you referenced in your post – Chad Schultz Dec 5 '12 at 20:19

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