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I have a Postgres 8.2 table with columns defined as bigint datatype.

When I do sum(column) the return type is numeric. I want to force type cast the summation to be bigint since I know for sure that the result will not exceed the max value of bigint. I was able to achieve this using a subquery like this:

select T.big_col_total::bigint from (select sum(big_col) as big_col_total from big_table) T;

Is there a way to do this without using the subquery, i.e., can I typecast the sum directly somehow? I tried a couple of ways and both result in a syntax error.

(background: I'm running this query from Hibernate so it is important for me the keep the return data type from the query limited to BigInteger. bigint + bigint = numeric (BigDecimal on the Java side)

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Just use:

select sum(big_col)::bigint as total 
from big_table

And you should upgrade to a supported version (e.g. 9.x) as soon as possible.

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I get this error running the above query from Hibernate. org.hibernate.QueryException: Not all named parameters have been set: [:bigint, :] If I change sum(big_col)::bigint to sum(big_col) :: bigint (with spaces in b/w), I still get the same error. Hibernate seems to think :bigint is named parameter, any idea how to get around this? Thanks! – sv. Dec 5 '12 at 20:16
@svhyd: Try cast(sum(big_col) AS bigint) instead. It seems to fail because the colon (:) has a special meaning in Hiberante. You would have to escape the character or use the presented alternate syntax instead. – Erwin Brandstetter Dec 5 '12 at 20:19
Thank you, that worked! select cast(sum(big_col) AS bigint) AS total from big_table – sv. Dec 5 '12 at 21:22

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