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Can you point me to some dynamic programming problem statements where bottom up is more beneficial than top down? (i.e. simple DP works more naturally but memoization would be harder to implement?)

I find recursion with memoization much easier, and want to solve problems where bottom up is a better/perhaps only feasible approach.

I understand that theoretically both are equivalent, so even something like ease of implementation would count as a benefit.

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You could look at the Knapsack problem. Making a table makes a lot of sense to solve it. Look at the slide labeled 12: es.ele.tue.nl/education/5MC10/Solutions/knapsack.pdf –  wrhall Dec 5 '12 at 20:17

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You will apply bottom up with memoization OR top down recursion with memoization depending on the problem at hand .

For example, if you have to find the minimum weight independent path of a path graph, you will use the bottom up approach as you have to solve all the subproblems that are possible.

But if you have to solve the knapsack problem , you may want to use recursive top down with memoization as you have to solve a limited number of subproblems. Approaching the knapsack problem bottom up will cause the algo to solve a lot of redundant problems that are not used in the original subproblem.

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