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I want to set up a new Heroku server for QA purposes. I've done most of the pieces but I've missed something:

1) I made a new app using the CLI Heroku toolbelt:

heroku apps:create myapp-qa

2) I made a copy of the existing git repostory on my local machine:

git clone

3) Added the remote for the aq server:

git remote add myapp-qa

3) I then tried to push my new app with:

cd myapp

git push myapp-qa master

I got the message "already up-to-date"

4) If I go to the app in a browser to it says "Heroku | Welcome to your new app!" instead of showing any of my application pages.

What did I miss?

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Heroku has a plugin specifically designed for this.

It allows you to specify a "pipeline" of servers

Dev -> Staging -> Production and allows you to deploy to dev, then promote that build to staging, then promote that to production.

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Setup needed to be:

git remote add myapp-qa

git push origin myapp-qa
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