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How do I keep values defined in one build target alive in other targert? If PropertyGroup is not the write MsBuild entity I should use here, what is? ReleaseDir is printed ok in "Package" target, but is empty in "DoPackage"

<Target Name="Package">
  <Message Text="$(ReleaseDir)"/>
  <CallTarget Targets="DoPackage" Condition="!Exists('$(ReleaseDir)')"/>

<!-- Do the acutal packaging -->
<Target Name="DoPackage">
  <Message Text="Creating package in '$(ReleaseDir)'"/>
  <Error Condition="'$(ReleaseDir)' == ''" Text="No ReleaseDir defined"/>
  <MakeDir Directories="$(ReleaseDir)"/>
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There is a well known issue with property and calltarget task. You should use DependsOnTargets instead.

<Target Name="Package">
  <Message Text="$(ReleasesDir)"/>

<Target Name="PrePackage" DependsOnTargets="Package">
  <CallTarget Targets="DoPackage" Condition="!Exists('$(ReleasesDir)')"/>

<!-- Do the acutal packaging -->
<Target Name="DoPackage" DependsOnTargets="Package">
  <Message Text="Creating package in '$(ReleasesDir)'"/>
  <Error Condition="'$(ReleasesDir)' == ''" Text="No ReleaseDir defined"/>
  <MakeDir Directories="$(ReleasesDir)"/>
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I would like DoPackage to run only if ReleaseDir exists (I used the Condition in CallTarget to achieve this). Can I achieve this using DependsOnTarget? –  ripper234 Sep 3 '09 at 15:02
Now that I actually read the link you posted, the solution is simple - I wrote a separate task called 'DefineProperties', and after it's finished the properties are ... defined. Thanks. –  ripper234 Sep 3 '09 at 15:15
Yep, that's the solution, I've updated the sample. –  Julien Hoarau Sep 3 '09 at 15:19
I have a feeling the reason properties are not defined until a task has finished is because of parallel execution. MsBuild doesn't guarantee anything mid-target because this way it can execute the subtargets in parallel. –  ripper234 Sep 3 '09 at 16:36
In this example the DoPackage Target does not need the DependsOnTargets="Package" because the PrePackage Target already has DependsOnTargets="Package". It might be useful to remove this extra DependsOnTargets="Package" if your build file needs to run DoPackage with different values of ReleasesDir. Like so:<Target Name="Package2"> <PropertyGroup> <ReleasesDir>c:\tmp2</ReleasesDir> </PropertyGroup> <Message Text="$(ReleasesDir)"/> </Target> <Target Name="PrePackage2" DependsOnTargets="Package2"> <CallTarget Targets="DoPackage" Condition="!Exists('$(ReleasesDir)')"/> </Target> –  Joel Jun 5 '12 at 17:01

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