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I am trying to use the gem countries from hexorx. I really don't know how to bring that in the select helper. I tried to use the helper country_select like this

<%= f.country_select :country, :required => true %>

The GitHub location of gem is https://github.com/hexorx/countries.

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The interface for this helper is defined as:

country_select(object, method, priority_countries = nil, options = {}, html_options = {})

I found this by going to the link you supplied, navigating through the source code to /lib/countries/select_helper.rb

Assuming this is in a form_for operating on an object instance, perhaps @user then an instance of User is what gets passed for the first parameter, object. The second argument, method is the attribute of the object that should receive the selected value, so in this example, your User model will need to have an attribute called country.

So the problem is likely that the third argument expects a list of priority_countries, but it's getting :required => true. If you pass nil, then pass your options, it should work, like this:

<%= f.country_select :country, nil, :required => true %>

For future posts, when something doesn't work, you should provide the complete error message or symptoms that you saw. Please refer to the FAQ

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