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Is there another way, or some tool, to handle database schema changes in multiple parallel feature branches other than creating a separate database for each one in development?

ie. Spin up a DB in memory based on some configuration or script and populate with DbUnit before running tests.

This question is specifically targeted at unit testing, but could be applicable to UAT as well.

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Have you looked at the H2 database engine? If you are using Spring, you might try the approach documented here: Unit Testing JPA with in-memory H2 database (useful info, even if not using Spring). A quick google search yielded this blog post, indicating there are definitely folks out there using H2 with DbUnit.

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This sounds a bit promising. I'll do some research into it for now. – BrandonV Dec 6 '12 at 16:47

We're using dbdeploy and it works extremely well for us. It helps manage db creation scripts in version control manner. It still needs a bit of work on top of it (eg. concurrent sql migration if application is deployed simultaneously on multiple nodes) but except this its works well out of the box.

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After a long while, it seems like Liquibase, in conjunction with other tools like DbUnit, should be able to accomplish what I had originally asked.

Thanks for all of the other suggestions.

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