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I want to get some space in a remote server running Linux. The idea is to create my custom scripts and run them on the remote server. Idea is this: I am sitting in my class on my windows machine; I fire up terminal and connect to some remote host and am suddenly in a Linux environment. So is it possible to buy a private space in a remote Linux/UNIX server?

[I have no idea about networking, so I really don't know if this question is stupid or super simple]

Gill Bates

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It's not a programming-related question, that's for sure. Possibly this is more suited to the SuperUser site. Myself, I use BlueHost as a web space provider. They also have SSH access. Might be overpowered for your purposes, but it's cheap enough. For personal Linux stuff I have an old Pentium 4 machine at home running Slackware, which I can access remotely via dynamic DNS. It's quite handy that it also does firewalling, manages my home network and keeps all my data on a large RAID array. – paddy Dec 5 '12 at 21:58
Thanks. I found what I was looking for: an unmanaged VPS. – Gill Bates Dec 5 '12 at 22:34
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Could use SSH (In windows go with PuTTY). You can use a web based server (like a web host) many give shell access, Hostgator I know does. Or get a micro instance on Amazon Web Services. Or better yet for a student just set up a virtual machine.

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You could take a slightly different approach and download Oracle's VirtualBox Software and run a virtual Linux environment in it. This would allow you to keep your current OS, have a Linux environment and save your money.

Oracle VirtualBox Download

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