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The official readme of the plugin:

explains how to use the BarcodeScanner plugin using eclipse.

I currently develop without using Eclipse, how can I integrate the library to my project?

Without replicating the Eclipse library integration step my project does not build.

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You can try this plugin too and see if it works:

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There is a command line in the android tools:

android update project --target <target_ID> --path path/to/your/project --library path/to/library_project

You have to set the library path relative to your project. I only did it putting the library in the same workspace as my project.

More informations:

if you have subprojects in your project you can use the -s parameter in the end of the command line

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In case this helps anyone:


Installed the plugin (in a handful of paths) but kept the one which worked. Implemented a basic JS scanner code to demonstrate functionality: auto-runs on load, auto-reloads on error, alerts on success/failure/cancel.

NOTE: the comments on the barcodescanner.js and index.js, both mention my customization of the define/require object paths. I could not get the demo/example paths to work, after several permutations.

(this is iOS only atm, but I plan on making an Android example too)

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