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I know my question is pretty specific, but I hope there is someone who already worked with unirgy udropship extension.

In Germany, there is 19% VAT includes in the most article prices. Magento is set up in the way to calculate the tax and show the prices tax included.

However, if a customer buys something, there is no tax included in the PO (purchase order) - the tax is just subtracted, taken away. It's really annoying because in Germany it is very important to invoice everything (you know, the there-must-everything-on-the-paper-country).

I tried to change this in controller, but I did not found the right way to do it. I can't just find the place where it is counted/saved to the data base. I tried to overwrite the "_afterSave()" method in PO-modell, but unfortunately, it takes for some reason 5 minutes to save the order, and the same method of the parent class overwrites my inputs and saves again wrong values.

Please help. I'm desparate!

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I mean, if you buy something for 1 €, there is 1€ in Magento admin and 0,16€ tax. If you go to the "Purchase Orders"-tab, you only see "Price: 0,84€". No tax information. Just nothing........ – Barth Zalewski Dec 5 '12 at 21:50
Probably best to speak directly with unirgy. Their support is quite good. – Marty Wallace Dec 6 '12 at 9:17
Their support is NOT good. They don't answer. And if even so, they use maybe one sentence "unirgy isn't an accounting system, you need customizations". Lol. When I asked, how to customize it, came no answer. – Barth Zalewski Dec 6 '12 at 19:35

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