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I have a form like so:

class ThingSelectionForm(forms.Form):
    things = forms.ModelChoiceField(

My question is - how do I pass in the my_product variable when a page loads? Should I create a custom __init__ method?

Any help much appreciated.

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I just was working on something like this today. I found this to be helpful. It's the answer from Dave

class Bike(models.Model):
    made_at = models.ForeignKey(Factory)
    added_on = models.DateField(auto_add_now=True)

form  = BikeForm()
form.fields["made_at"].queryset = Factory.objects.filter(user__factory)

I did mine with a filter(foo=bar) type query.

Then in the

made_at = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=Factory.objects.all())
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Yes you can override the init

    class ThingSelectionForm(forms.Form):
        things = forms.ModelChoiceField(
       def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
              my_prod = kwargs.pop('my_prod), None
              self.fields['things'].queryset = Product.objects.filter(product=my_prod),


form = ThingSelectionForm(my_prod = my_prod)
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