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I have ABC1 Excel file, from where I would like to copy column A values (A1:A50) and I also have ABC2 Excel file, from where I would like to copy column B values (B1:B50).

I want to paste them into
XYZ1 ([ABC1 A1] to D1 and [ABC2 B1] to D2) Excel file,
XYZ2 ([ABC1 A2] to D1 and [ABC2 B2] to D2) Excel file,
XYZ3 ... and...
separate Excel files.

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Have you tried anything? Try recording a macro while performing those steps: that will give you a starting point which you can then try to modify. If you run into problems then post back with that code and I'm sure you'll get some suggestions. – Tim Williams Dec 5 '12 at 22:08
I was trying to record a macro but I had some problems. especially when I am opening a new excel file to save the solution in a seperate file I need help with the automatic generat a new file name (XYZ1, then XYZ2). – Tamas Dec 5 '12 at 22:16

Would look something like this

dim x as integer
dim wb as workbook

for x=1 to 50
    set wb=workbooks.add()
    'copy data to wb.sheets(1)
    wb.saveas filename:="C:\destination_folder\XYZ" & x & ".xlsx"
    wb.close false
next x
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