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In my program I have to print a general journal with data coming from 2 files, 'accounts.dat' and 'transactions.dat'

accounts.dat has:


transactions.dat has


So basically the same data except transactions has 2 more.

When I checked my read function which scans the file data and inputs it into arrays that are in the program, they're there but when I call the generaljournal function to print it in a specific format, the general journal does not acknowledge the files that are scanned into my arrays.

the function is:

void generaljournal(int accounts[MAX], int accounts3[MAX], char debcred[MAX], double amount[MAX], char accname[MAX][MAXSTRING], char transname[MAX][MAXSTRING], int *totalinput) {

int i = 0;

printf ("\n");
printf ("\t\t\tGeneral Journal\n");
printf ("Account  Description                          Debit      Credit\n");
printf ("-------  ------------------------------  ----------  ----------\n");

for (i = 0; i < *totalinput; i++)
    printf ("   %d", accounts[i]);

    if (debcred[i] == 'd')
        printf ("  %-35s", transname[i]);
        printf ("%.2lf\n", amount[i]);

    else if (debcred[i] == 'c')
        printf ("  %-47s", transname[i]);
        printf ("%.2lf\n", amount[i]);


printf ("\n");


All the arrays that are called has the data in the arrays but aren't being printed when I call the general journal function. I call the read function in my main but even if I put the

read(accounts, accounts3, debcred, amount, accname, transname);

In my general journal function it still doesn't do anything. What the output SHOULD look like is something like

Account     Description     Debit     Credit
1000        first           1000.000
2000        second                    1500.00
3000        hello           1000.00

Instead it prints just the shell of (accounts, description, debit, credit) with no values underneath.

Does anyone know why it's not accepting the values in the arrays when I scanned it all from the files in my read function? If more information is needed i'll supply. My read function is:

void read (int accounts[MAX], int accounts3[MAX], char debcred[MAX], double amount[MAX], char accname[MAX][MAXSTRING], char transname[MAX][MAXSTRING]) {

FILE *fp1 = NULL;
FILE *fp2 = NULL;

fp1 = fopen("accounts.dat", "r");
fp2 = fopen("transactions.dat", "r");

int h = 0;

if (fp1 != NULL) // READING THE FILE
    while(fscanf(fp1, "%d", &accounts[h]) != EOF)

            fscanf(fp1, "%30[^\n]", &accname[h]);

    printf ("Failed to open file\n");

if (fp2 != NULL) // READING THE FILE
    int j = 0;
    while(fscanf(fp2, "%d", &accounts3[j]) != EOF)
        fscanf(fp2, "%30[^:]", &transname[j]);
        fscanf(fp2, "%c", &debcred[j]);
        fscanf(fp2, "%lf", &amount[j]);

    printf ("Failed to open file\n");

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Have you checked the value of *totalinput? –  fnokke Dec 5 '12 at 22:16
This must be the problem...fixing now will come back for update –  user1877276 Dec 5 '12 at 22:21
after doing some changes it wasn't printing anything cause when i opened the program again totalinput was 0 so it wasn't printing anything! Thank you sir! @fnokke –  user1877276 Dec 5 '12 at 22:43

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Maybe the value of *totalinput is 0

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