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I want to be able to automate Jenkins server installation using a script. I want, given Jenkins release version and a list of {(plugin,version)}, to run a script that will deploy me a new jenkins server and start it using Jetty or Tomcat.

It sounds like a common thing to do (in need to replicate Jenkins master enviroment or create a clean one). Do you know what's the best practice in this case?

Searching Google only gives me examples of how to deploy products with Jenkins but I want to actually deploy Jenkins.


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this may require some additional setup at the beginning but perhaps could save you time in the long run. You could use a product called puppet ( to automatically trigger the script when you want. I'm basically using that to trigger build outs of my development environments. As I find new things that need to be modified, I simply update my puppet modules and don't need to worry about what needs to be done to recreate the environments through testing for the next go round.

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Thanks! I was aiming for some simple script. As far I understand, Puppet is a heavy tool that requires several resources. – Or Shachar Dec 6 '12 at 9:39

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