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<span class='url_link'>1</span>
<span class='url_link'>2</span>
<span class='url_link'>3</span>
<span class='url_link'>4</span>
<span class='url_link'>5</span>

$(".url_link").each(function(idx, obj){
        console.log(this);  // <span class="url_link">
    console.log(this.text()); // TypeError: this.text is not a function

How can I grep the text in span tag?

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Use console.log($(this).text());

You were trying to use a jQuery function on a non-jQuery object.

jsFiddle example

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Should be


.text() is a jQuery method and this is a DOM Object ..

So need to convert that into a jQuery Object before you use .text() on it..

If you want to use the native javascript then you can try this


Check Fiddle

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