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I have the following static store for now. Everything works fine when i click on the drop down it gives me a loading image and does not go away.

var active_store = Ext.create("",{
storeId: 'active',
model: 'Active',
 data : [
     {active: 'Y'},
     {active: 'N'}
autoLoad: true

xtype: 'container',
layout: 'hbox',
items: [
        xtype: 'combobox',
        store: active_store, 
        name: 'active',
        valueField: 'active',
        padding: '2 6 2 7'

} enter image description here

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Remove autoLoad: true from the store, you already fed it the data

Add queryMode: 'local' to the combo box since you don't want to send requests to query for data


If your store is not remote, i.e. it depends only on local data and is loaded up front, you should be sure to set the queryMode to 'local', as this will improve responsiveness for the user.

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