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How to remove the SIP button of Windows mobile? I need a solution for Windows Mobile V6. Please post some sample app, or link about how to remove the SIP button.

I have tried out this technique..

SHFullScreen(this.Handle, SHFS_HIDESIPBUTTON);

This is not working for me. If you know please post full code.

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If you only want to remove the SIP, this works for me (I'm using CeGCC as my compiler), and no .dll linking is needed (tested on a HTC Universal running WM6.1).

HWND hWndSipButton = FindWindow(TEXT("MS_SIPBUTTON"), NULL);
if(hWndSipButton != NULL) {
    ShowWindow(hWndSipButton, SW_HIDE);

Keep in mind you'll also need to insert this code at places right after windows mobile likes to restore the SIP (e.g. put it in response to a WM_ACTIVATE message too).

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If you want the entire display surface for your application, then this should do the trick:

iDisplayWidth = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN);
iDisplayHeight = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN);
MoveWindow(hwndClient, 0, 0, iDisplayWidth, iDisplayHeight, TRUE);
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