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I'm developing simple C# application which will present rss feeds. I have problem reading rss feeds from some web pages. The problem comes when parsing pubDate: Error in line 1 position 829. An error was encountered when parsing a DateTime value in the XML.

        XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create("");
        SyndicationFeed feed = SyndicationFeed.Load(reader);

        foreach (var item in feed.Items)
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You could do these things to get more information,

  • Post the exception message to your problem description.
  • Add a try catch around the code, and log the urls that fail.
  • If there are any failing urls, try visit them looking for any 404s or anything out of the ordinary.
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By looking at the code you pasted and the fact that your calling a bunch of feeds, my guess is that the PublishDate property might be null or returning a date format that can't be parsed.

Try checking for a null value on the DateFormat property.

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I tried to remove Console.WriteLine(item.PublishDate.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")); but I got the same error. The error comes in this line SyndicationFeed feed = SyndicationFeed.Load(reader); – Ljupco Sofijanov Dec 5 '12 at 23:48

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