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Because PHP passes objects by reference by default I've run into a little problem that the follow script demos:

$a = new stdClass();
$a->b = new stdClass();
$a->b->c = 1;

$d = clone $a;

$a->b->c = 10;


Is there a way to clone a stdClass and also clone any objects that it might contain? I understand I can use the __clone method to prevent this behavior, but my object is being built via json_decode.

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I believe the accepted way is to serialize and unserialize the composite object

$d = unserialize(serialize($a));
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Agreed. This is how I got it to work when I needed a deep copy of an object. More info @ – Mike Purcell Dec 6 '12 at 0:10

Since you already have the JSON, why don't you just create all your objects directly from the JSON

Another hacky way to "deep clone" (i.e. by not adding __clone() methods to the objects) would also be to do:

$object_b = unserialize(serialize($object_a));

Or, since you are dealing all with stdClass objects that are nested:

$object_b = json_decode(json_encode($object_a));
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