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Getting this error:

2009-09-03 12:44:02.307 xcodebuild[307:10b] warning: compiler '' is based on missing compiler ''

This happens when I execute this script from within xcode:

result=$( osascript << END
tell application "Xcode"
 tell active project document
  set projectPath to path as string
 end tell 
end tell 
return projectPath

cd "$result"

/Developer/clang/scan-build -k -V xcodebuild -configuration Debug -sdk iphonesimulator2.2.1

It worked all fine, but abruptly stopped working after restarting xcode. Clang is still installed and still at that specified path. Any idea what that message means?

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If you have SnowLeopard and Xcode 3.2, you can run Clang via the menu command: Build and Analyze.

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