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Its kind of hard to explain because I don't know if its a Python issue.

I am going through the quick start tutorial at http://lettuce.it/tutorial/simple.html#tutorial-simple.

I got as far as making all of the required directories, mymath -> tests -> features -> zero.feature and steps.py

I am correct in all of the steps but when I cd into tests and run lettuce, it keeps on saying that could not find features at ./features

I did ls and the feature file is there. I even repeated all the steps with a virtual environment but the computer can't see the file. This is not the first time. I tried to go through the quick start tutorial on deploying a Flask application on Heroku but got can't find procfile when its there. Could there be something wrong with some paths on my computer?

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This kind of thing is much better addressed to a specific forum, such as the lettuce mailing list. –  Marcin Dec 6 '12 at 1:28

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Here is an example project using lettuce, hope it helps...


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