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I use uWSGI with the gevent loop. I also have a function that updates a python dictionary once a minute from a hash stored redis.

My requests in real time need to have access to that hash.

Here is my uWSGI function the loads the hash every 60 seconds.

def loadRedisDict():
    global data
    data = r.hgetall('data')

from uwsgidecorators import *
    def load_redis(signum):

def test(): 
   print data['foo']
   yield 'test'

I notice that even though the dict is updated, not all requests honor the content of what is in that hash. Even if I have a empty hash request are serving contents in a prev hash. So....what am I missing?

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I suppose you are running in multiprocessing mode, so only one process at time will get its dictionary updated.

There is a trick:

@rbtimer(60, target='workers')

will run the timer handler in all of the workers every time.

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Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes....I am using once proccess per core –  Tampa Dec 6 '12 at 8:31

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